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Integration | Ocean Systems


We at Ocean systems understand that each project is different and each has its own challenges. Often we try to use standard machines and modify them to the project requirements. We listen to our customer’s needs and expectations and with our team of expert we create an innovative but practical solutions to satisfy client’s production goals.

Obviously each project starts with a wish from the client to come up with a solution for their packaging or production needs. The first step is to clearly identify the challenge and project requirements with its difficulties. Then, together with the client and our technical department, we will evaluate each aspect of the project and accordingly present an initial solution. After approval from the client it turns into a ''project'', production of the machines also starts at this moment. The final step is the implementation of the machines on clients site and we will provide the client a full training to operate the machines independently.



project and production


About us in numbers

  • For more than 15 years active in the market
  • Realized more than 250 projects
  • Installed over 1200 machines
  • Over 200 satisfied clients
  • Number 1 in the market

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