Glove washer

Unikon proudly presents this innovative (deboning) glove washing machine. With the development of this washing machine, we can now offer a solution to the market addressing the demand for cleaning the gloves used in the meat industry more thoroughly and in a more efficient manner. The release of this machine coincides with the intensified focus on hygiene, which are currently taking place in the meat sector. Since the cleaning of the (deboning) gloves is currently primarily done manually; and it is time-consuming, labor-intensive and extremely unpleasant work; our washing machine provides great (savings) benefits for both the employer and the employee in a tight labor market!

The advantages of the Unikon glove washing machine are:

– Both a visually and bacteriologically, clean result
– A substantial saving in labour costs
– Very low water consumption (only 0.4 L per glove)
– A wash cycle of only 15 minutes (up to 50 gloves per cycle)
– Simple and easy operation
– Low maintenance costs
– Re-use of the washing water by utilizing a built-in filter system

Technical Info
Capacity 50 gloves per washing cycle
Washing cycle time 15 minutes
Water consumption 0.4 Liter per glove
Machine dimensions 1100x1100x1770mm
Electrical consumption 29kW