Pallet/divider washer – Unikon

You know from experience that pallets and dividers can get very dirty when intensively used. If you work according to strict hygiene standards, you want to be able to clean these pallets and dividers in a simple manner.

Whether you clean a few pallets each day or hundreds per hour, UNIKON will ensure that the process basically takes care of itself. We will develop and build a pallet/divider washer that is fully in line with your requirements. A custom-made job, as it were.

From compact, manually operated washers (PAL series) to fully automated solutions integrated in the production line (PRW series). Systems that can de-palletise or palletise, unstack or stack, feed and discharge. Manpower is no longer required.

Our pallet washers have a 50 to 100 pallets/dividers per hour capacity by default. The speed of the logistical system is in line with the capacity of your washer.

Technical Info
Products to wash Pallets / Dividers
Capacity Custom made
Dimensions Custom made
Water consumption Depending on configuration