Rotary preformed pouch packing machine – RP8-D

Intelligent Rotary Packaging Machine

Bag Types:
Standup bag, Portable bag, Zipper bag, 4-side sealing bag, 3-side sealing bag, paper bag, M type bag etc., and all kinds of compound bags

All kinds of material such as solid, granule,powder,liquid,thick liquid, and other materials that can be packed by bag.

Selectable Auxiliary Equipment:
Pickle Filler, Multi-head Computer Weigher, Conveyor,Working Platform

Station Process:
1. Bag Feeding 2. Date Coding 3.Bag Opening 4.Filling 5.Filling 6. Standby 7.Heat Sealing 8.Forming&Output

Bag types

Packaging Options

Products types

Technical Info
Packing type Pre-made pouche / Doypack
Maximum speed 20-50/min
Bag width 70 -200mm
Bag length 100 - 300mm
Filling range 5-1500gr
pouch material PA/PE, PET/PE, AL etc.
Power requirement 400V, 50-60Hz, 3kW
Dimensions 1570x1440x1480mm
Machine weight 1200kg