Traysealer – Henkovac – TPS-XL

The Henkovac TPS tray sealing machines are designed for packing food products under MAP-conditions.Low investment, easy programming and flexibility explain the popularity of these machines. The mould sets can be easily changed without the need of tools because of the unique “easy mould change system”. The fully automatic sensor controls vacuum and gas injection to create the perfect atmosphere inside the package.


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Technical Info
Model TPS XL
Max. tray dimensions 395x290mm
Tray height 25-120mm
Max. film width 400mm
Max. diameter film roll 250mm
Cycle time 20-30 seconds
Pump 21m3
Outside dimensions 580x730x1300mm
Power requirements 400V, 50-60Hz, 6kW / 1.5kW
Air consumption 6bar
Machine weight 150kg