Traysealer – I.DEA PACK – PANTHER

The PANTHER automatic traysealer machine allows significant levels of productivity for customers using pre-formed trays.

Compared to the PUMA automatic heat sealer, the PANTHER is a larger machine, which maintains reliability, ease of cleaning and maintenance, simplified operating programs and simplicity in format change.

PANTHER improves the quality of products through a rigorous control of the gases remaining in the tray, through a precision electronic sensor, and thanks to its compliance with the European Union Regulation 1935 / 20047EC, which defines the requirements of the materials intended to enter contact with food.

The Panther supports the following packing types:  skin packing, Vacuum,  Map, Seal only.

Bag types

Products types

Technical Info
Max. tray dimensions 325x265mm
Tray height 25-100mm
Max. width film 800mm
Max. diameter film roll 300mm
Cycle time 6-10 seconds
Pump 300m3
Outside dimensions 4700x1400x1700
Power requirements 400V, 50-60Hz, 4kW
Air consumption 6bar
Machine weight 750kg