Traysealer – I.DEA PACK – PUMA

The PUMA allows a significant increase in productivity thanks to its reliability, its ease of cleaning and maintenance, simplified operating programs and simplicity in changing the format, which are just some of its strengths.

PUMA improves the quality of products through a rigorous control of the gases remaining in the tray, through a precision electronic sensor, and thanks to its compliance with the European Union Regulation 1935 / 20047EC, which defines the requirements of the materials intended to enter contact with food.

The Puma supports the following packing types:  skin packing, Vacuum,  Map, Seal only, Skin on cardboard

Bag types

Products types

Technical Info
Model PUMA
Max. tray dimensions 370x280mm
Tray height 25-100mm
Max. width film 420mm
Max. diameter film roll 300mm
Cycle time 6-10 seconds
Pump 100m3
Outside dimensions 3200x1100x1700
Power requirements 400V, 50-60Hz, 4kW
Air consumption 6bar
Machine weight 450kg