Trolley washer – Unikon

No matter which cart or trolley you use, you can clean them in a UNIKON trolley washer. With the aid of advanced cleaning techniques we can wash all types of carts and trolleys quick and efficiently. On all sides. For this we use a moving washing frame with nozzles on all four sides. Here the washing time and washing power are adjusted according to the fouling to be removed.

Technical Info
Crate dimensions (standard) E2,E3 600x400x200/300/400
Dimensions custom made
Water consumption 1-2L per crate (depending on polution)
Crate dimensions 25-120mm
Max. width film 450mm
Max. diameter film roll 440mm
Cycle time 10-15 seconds
Pump 100m3 / 160m3
Outside dimensions 4350x1180x1550 / 4750x1180x1550mm
Power requirements 400V, 50-60Hz, 6kW / 10kW
Air consumption 6bar
Machine weight 950 / 1100kg