VFFS machine – V250-D

Model V250-D is the medium sized machine from our latest generation vertical form fill and seal machines It works with a maximum reel-width of 520mm which results in a maximum bag width of 250mm.

This model comes either with single or double servo configuration and can reach a speed up to 80 bags per minute.

A wide range of foils can work on this machine, most of the laminated PP foild but also PE material.

Bag types

Packaging Options

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Technical Info
Packing type Pillow bag / Gusset bag
Maximum speed 80/min
Bag width 50 - 250mm
Bag length 50 - 350mm
Maximum reel width 520mm
Power requirements 220V / 4.2kW / 50-60Hz
Air consumption 0.8Mpa / 0.4cmb/min
Dimensions 1560 x 1160 x 1530mm
Machine weight 480kg