Vegetable processing line – 1000kg/h

We offer two different vegetable processing lines. The smaller of the two is the vegetable processing line with a capacity up to 1000 kg/h. This vegetable processing line is well-suited for many vegetables such as lettuce, salads, spring onion, onion, flat string beans, chili peppers, leek, chicory, celery, endive, iceberg lettuce, lollo bionda, pak choi, carrots, bell pepper, paprika, white cabbage, cauliflower (rice), beetroot, celeriac, cucumber, potato, tomato and many more. Besides, this vegetable processing line is also suited for a large number of fruits such as pumpkin, butternut, mango, plum, avocado, melon etc. This line is also suited to cut herbs such as chives and parsley. The processing includes cutting, washing, sorting, and drying. Any of these stages is optional and processing solutions will always be tailored to the customer’s needs. This processing line has a wide variety of cutting options. Cutting sizes and shapes can easily be changed on the touch screen of the cutting machine. Cutting options include slices, squares, trails, rings, julienne strips, grate, and dices in numerous sizes. This vegetable processing line is perfectly suited for companies looking for a high quality processing line.

Technical Info
Capacity up to 1000kg/hour
Cutting machine BCM1650 / BCM2450 / 3DD
Conveyor belt HCB-400-TS
Washing machine VWM-2500 / VWM-3600
Basket mill ACBM
Vegetable dryer HS Flex / HS ES